Check.RestoreCord is an easy-to-use utility for restoring backups. With this tool, backing up can be done even if the server or PC is turned off. It allows one to restore a file to its original state even when the drive is inaccessible. The utility stores all the necessary information for restoring the backup on the hard disk, flash drive or other storage media. Using a password, it becomes virtually impossible for anyone else to access the data.

Check.RestoreCord is a Free / Open Source software that was written by two IT professionals who had to repair many PCs that had problems. The software is available for Windows as well as UNIX and Linux operating systems. It provides a user-friendly user interface for restoring backups. The software can also be run from a CD or flash drive.

Apart from backing up the current state of the server or the computer, Check.RestoreCord can also backup the entire data of the system - both the configuration and user settings - and the backup will be available in different formats depending on the system. These options include Parallels HD, Exmerge, FAT32 and Zip files. The software also has a scheduler that lets one define a time and date for the backup to take place.

There are also several additional features available with this software such as ability to manage backups and also restore a backup image from a different location. Another great feature is the ability to schedule recurring backups. It also integrates with Exchange backup services and is capable of restoring Exchange backups as well.

The main aim behind developing check.restorecord was to address two major issues that IT managers face today: loss prevention and backup recovery. The program prevents loss by making sure that a backup is made before any data is lost. In case of a disk failure or an individual hard drive failing, check.restorecord can restore the files directly to original state. It also does a complete backup of all data, so that if things get messed up, you can easily recover them. It makes sure that no matter what happens, your files are safely backed up to protect you from any unforeseen circumstances.

Check.RestoreCord is able to backup Exchange backups and can restore Access backups. It also offers support for Appointment setting schedules so that you can set recurring backups for Outlook, Webmail and other tasks that require regular scheduling. For an organization, it also makes available automatic email backup, which allows the emails to be backed up either at the end of the day or at specified times. It can backup calendar events as well so that you can make sure that important events are being backed up and so that you can make sure that no event is missed.

In addition to backing up data, check.restorecord can also perform automatic email backups. It is also able to send email to multiple recipients, so that you do not have to manually check each one of them every time you perform a backup. It is also able to automatically schedule backups and download tasks from remote sites, so that you do not have to spend time downloading the backup as the machine becomes idle. This feature is particularly useful for large organizations. You will be able to perform a lot of backup jobs with just one simple tool.

The best part about check.restorecord is that it is an open source solution that is available under the GNU General Public License. This means that even if you do not have an extremely reliable or updated server, you can still use this application. Since it is based on the Unix operating system, it is able to run on any machine that has a Java application server installed. You will not have to worry about compatibility issues and you will also be able to choose between a few different operating systems.

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