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To access an ASP Check, first click on Basics in the left-hand navigation, then Click Checks. Select api in the Check Type drop-down menu. Most important keys are: id, issuer, response, status, userid, issuergroup, usergroup, version, subject, and check holder. Rest API defines a standard way of representing data structures used in HTTP.

Rest API is an architecture styling that enables access to application resources from a web server. It provides a way to build "rest" interfaces that can respond to HTTP requests without creating a new interface. The most commonly used example of a rest API would be a shopping cart. We will use the example of a web application with a database called Dogbert.

The application has an interface for creating a user called User. The database has a table for dogs called Dogberteds. To access information from the database, we just need to create a resource that references User. When creating a resource, ASP/VBScript calls create XML command.

Other examples of rest API checks include the following formats: application/vendor-friendly, application/javascript, application/vendor/ui, HTML, iife, Java, JavaScript, latex, machine dependent, preferred encoding, stored procedures, unqualified access, user defined variable, user defined function, and XML. Most browsers support all the above mentioned regular expressions. The selectors defined in rest API allow different kinds of operators. For instance, the following URL is expected to return "application/vendor-friendly".

The following formats can be used to send data as URL using http resources. In the first step, the variable name is "ua_name". In the second step, the URL can be created with the help of "var url =on_name;". The result of the previous step will depend on the set of environment variables.

The third type of check is the root cause analysis. It refers to the condition of a certain functionality. It may take the form of test cases, error messages, runtime errors, and runtime exceptions.

The fourth type of check is the test online status code check. It performs the same task as the previous one. The difference is the fact that test online only performs the request without sending it to the server. As long as a client implemented it correctly, it can determine whether the test was successful or not.

The fifth format is the web check. This one separates the HTTP request headers and other information sent along with it. There is a separate token for each header, which is used to identify the particular header and determine its meaning. The HTTP response status code indicates success or failure depending on the contained tokens.

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